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As a top fashion and fitness model over the past 10+ years, I have discovered how to transform my body, shedding fat and building aesthetic muscle simultaneously. At first, the work was grueling and tedious--I was not sure how to efficiently achieve my goals! But as I started to realize my goals, both the achievement and the efforts themselves became rewarding!  What I have found is that through hard work and with the right formula (training + diet) amazing results can be had and maintained year round! I don’t believe in getting in shape for summer or for a specific vacation, I think it is important to look and feel your best at all times.

I have learned a tremendous amount about training and nutrition in my quest to be the best version of myself. Don’t get me wrong--it took a lot of hard work as well as boatloads of trial and error to find the best way of doing it. I only wish I could endow my younger self with all I have learned to this point. This is why I want to share all my knowledge to help others find a love for fitness and feel confident and proud! I offer online coaching as well as one on one training sessions in New York City. 

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