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I’ve been modeling and training for over ten years.  I feel blessed because I have had the chance to travel all around the world and see all kinds of cultures and beautiful countries.  My journey began early in my last year of high school, I discovered weight lifting with my best friend at the time (he was a football player, so he showed me the ropes).  Before that I had never played any sports and I was not very athletic.  I was scrawny and I could not keep up with him.  But something clicked inside me, the workouts were hard and demanding, yet I felt accomplished at the end of each one.  It lit a fire inside of me that’s still going to this day.  Little did I know where life would lead me—later that year a modeling scout noticed me on the streets of Montreal.  The next thing I knew, I was on a plane to Asia to start modeling.  I would spend the better part of the next three years there.  Eventually I tired of being so far from family and friends, and I decided to come to New York City and see how far I could take my new found career…


Here I am years later, modeling is my career.  New York is now my home and my life in Montreal and Asia seem like a distant memory.  Much has changed in my life, but what has not is my love for fitness and nutrition.  I decided some years back that I ought to share my love for fitness and the knowledge I’ve acquired on this unusual road.


I have fine-tuned my training and nutritional methods over the years using the scientific method: my body is my test subject, the kitchen and the gym are my laboratories, recipes and workouts are my experiments—I am determined to put all of my theories to the test.  Over the course of a decade of self-experimentation, I have developed a method to help anyone transform his or her body into peak performance and aesthetic condition—something they can be proud of and maintain over time.  Additionally, and most importantly, I want to keep fitness and diet fun for my clients, because that’s the best way to keep it going.


Simply put, I have taken the long and unbeaten path to today, learning everything through practice, tireless research, and a lot of trial and error.  I don’t regret the hard road, but I am pleased to have the opportunity to have mapped it out so that I can make this easier for you.  


It is my goal to apply everything I have learned to this point to help you be the best you can be (performance wise and aesthetically). I have helped countless clients find their inner desire to change their lifestyle, find their inner athlete and mold their bodies to how they want to look.  Disclaimer: This does not happen overnight—it does take work and dedication!  Nothing worth having in life comes easily.  But the good news is that the hard stuff is always worth the effort.

“Absorb what is useful to you,

Discard what is not. Add what

is uniquely your own”


                            Bruce Lee

This quote has always had profound meaning to me.  It’s something I believed and had applied before I even read it.  I have tried so many different training styles over the years: Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Circuit training, Yoga, Pilates, Endurance training and almost everything in between.  Over time, I mastered a lot of these methods and began to create my own style of training with the most beneficial elements of all these methods and adding personal techniques I discovered on the way.  The end result is a method I like to call my own, which builds strength, muscle mass, body symmetry, endurance and flexibility.  I have several different protocols I follow when I wish to accelerate any one aspect of my physique, whether it be rapid fat loss, rapid muscle gains and rapid performance or any combination.  What I have found is these same methods I have used to transform my body work equally well for my clients

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